Tips From Brenda

My Mom, Brenda-lee started HHC MIniature Australian Shepherds in 1993. She is always glad to help anyone in need of assistance in training their puppy or even their adult dog.  She is a dog whisperer of sorts.  She literally has helped hundreds of families. Many suggested she write a book!  Instead she decided to post some tips for some of the most commonly asked questions here for everyone to have access to.  This is an assortment of those answers.  Although she is no longer active in the day to day work with the dogs she is available via the phone if  your question is not answered here. Enjoy!


Personally I do NOT approve of harnesses for puppies.  A harness is made to provide the least amount of resistance to the animal and allow them to PULL.  Unless you have a Husky this is NOT what we want to teach your puppy. So please stop with the HARNESSES already!!!

Crate Training

We have all been through it. You bring your new puppy home and it cries all night in the crate. Here are some tips to help Make your first few weeks run more smoothly.
1. We send all of our puppies home with a blanket, stick that in the crate with them. This has the smell of our home and helps him feel like he is in a familiar place.
2. Make some Puppy Popsicles.(see recipes on this page). Give them one when they go in the crate as a treat.
3. Leave a TV or Radio on in the area your puppies crate is in while they are in the crate. if they hear voices they won’t feel abandond and scared.
4. Feed you puppy their food in the crate.  When they go in say “IN” and close the door.  When they are finished take them out side to do their business. This teaches your puppy that the crate is a safe good place to be and we all want to be in a safe good place!
5.Your puppy’s crate is always  set up in a main family gathering area. ie: Kitchen, Living Room etc.

Never EVER put a crate in the bacement. A puppy is not an out of sight out of mind item. This
seriously could detrimentally affect your puppy!!!!!


Keep an eye on your puppies teeth. Make sure their baby teeth are falling out.  To Help them loose them rope chews and bones are excellent.  Sometime with the rope chew I soak
them in a broth or clear soup and freeze them. If teeth are having trouble falling out, as with children puppies need a tooth a two removed by a vet.

House Breaking

We start off with the puppy loose in the main living area, and all exits blocked.  The puppy is always supervise and if you can’t supervise the puppy he goes in his crate with a treat or favorite toy.
Now you put down a layer of newspaper or puppy training pads next to the nearest exit he will have to use to go out side.  At the door we hang a X-mas bell. When you see your puppy circling to go potty on the paper or pad say good puppy and pick them up before they go.  Ring the bell as you say over and over “Do you want to go out side?” and “good puppy!”
Take them out side immediately and to the spot you with them to always go.  Dogs are creatures of habit and Mini Aussie’s are no exception.
For Practice Sit by the door and say very excitedly  “do you want to go out side?” Ring the bell and send them out. Do this through out the day, randomly over and over and over. Soon you will have a dog who rings a bell to tell you to let them out!  WOW!

Puppy Popcicles

Puppy pops can be made out of about anything that can be frozen that your dog can eat.

1 individual yogurt Freeze it and serve.

Low sodium Broth Pour into anything from ice cube trays to food bowls. Freeze and serve

Other ingredients to add if you wish,
Carrots, pumpkin, kibble, raw meat (chicken, beef, fish, deer etc.) This make a wonderful treat on hot summer days.
Bedtime snack and so on.(you can add meds to these mixture as a means of administering)


Head and Shoulders works well in helping to prevent and rid your pets from Fleas!


Kongs are wonderful chew toys for puppies and dogs of all ages.  I
put Sugar free Peanut Butter or  Cheeze wiz in our dogs and then I
freeze them.  Make the puppies work longer to get their prize!

Paint Rollers!

Yep thats right paint rollers.  We get dollar store paint rollers as toys.  They are easy to through and they can chew the heck out of them because they are cheap.  Puppies like them because they help them loose their baby teeth.


Puppies Do NOT Require and milk after being weaned. Remember they are dogs not cats! Good clean fresh water will do just fine.


Chocolate, Grapes and Raisens are poisenous to canines!!!!!

pet peeve!!! DO NOT TREAT YOUR PUPPY/DOG LIKE YOUR BABY OR CHILD!!!!! This means no babying them. If Fido is fearful or gets their feelings hurt Do Not console them. Just let them deal with it. They are a dog!! Do you want a confused, insecure, ill mannered or aggressive pet? I think not. If you want them to be happy, fun loving, and enjoy their lives… Treat them with a firm assertive respect. The ideal dog is calm and submissive.

Always remember it is disrespectful to your pet to treat them as if they were human!!!

At this time we would like to remind you about the importance of choosing a reputable breeder. All puppies are cute. But it is the underlying things you can’t see that may arrise later that will cause you and your family heart acke. The best advice that I can give you is if you at anytime get that feeling in the pit of your stomach then you should walk away!! I
am serious about this. I don’t care if you have an Tresullah puppy or not. If you have questions or I can help in anyway please feel free to call at ANY time.  I would rather youtake a moment to seek advice then to hear that your puppy and your self suffered through a fixable situation!

Tresrullah Australian Shepherds is not linked or connected to any other kennel or breeder. IF you have a question regarding a Tresrullah puppy it is advised that you contact Paige Hoskins

Added reminder to order your TLC dog food prior to bringing home your new Tresrullah puppy.

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Don't forget to enroll your puppy in an obedience puppy class ASAP.
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